09 Feb

Entrepreneurship for Life Coaches, Part 8

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This post is one of a series I am offering to coaches that are new to entrepreneurship and are setting up an online business for the first time.

Next step: 10 Ways to Build Your Online Coaching Business

There are a lot of small steps in a variety of areas needed to create a successful online business. Here are just a few additional industry ideas and recommendations.

Please note: You’ll find that part of starting an online business includes time for research and learning, so at the bottom of this article is a list of resources, I highly recommend reading. They are listed in order of the subjects mentioned in this post. Some of them are in “list” format so they are chock full of valuable tips, links, and information. Each of my posts has a list at the end so feel free to go back and look at each reference list when you are searching for information on that subject. It may save you valuable time and energy!

  1. Practice your “elevator speech”. Get really good at pitching your service in 10 seconds.
    • Be sure to have a business card ready too!
  2.  Create multiple products and services to offer to clients.
    • This offers clients multiple buying opportunities
  3.  Try writing an e-book!
  4. Create a membership site: offer something to clients that give them your expertise in a format where they will stay for a period of time.
    • This could include offering a free e-report, or a choice of a series of posts from your site, a consultation with you etc.
  5.  Try a Co-Marketing Partnership. Visit Hubspot’s blog for this post which has info on Com-Marketing.
  6.  Try an affiliate program – a mutual form of advertising. This offers you an additional source of income when you refer someone to someone else’s product or service and gives you visibility.
  7.  Try joining a forum or coaching directory.
    • o They both offer access to interesting people along with a way to learn or add to skills
    • o This can also be a way to network indirectly.

    Contrary to coaching industry suggestions, I recommend doing most of your networking where you’ll find clients, not where other coaches are – like tradeshows for your client base, industry networking events, etc.

  8.  Be a guest on someone’s blog or podcast.
  9. Interview other “thought leaders” for your blog or podcast.
  10.  Yes, the next suggestion is to try creating a Podcast!
  11.  Take advantage of all the e-Learning that is available online. Learn how to market and how to sell. People like Zig Ziglar and Brian Tracy offer sales programs that can teach you how to generate leads and close a sale.

Tip: practice positive self-talk daily!

Your affirmation checklist:

I am coming up with new business strategies every day.

I am creative and innovative!

I have products and services that clients need.


Note: This is the last post for this series. If you have questions or are looking for additional resources, please leave a comment below. I look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read these posts!


Below are some resources I have used to create my business.



Coaching and Consulting Made Easy: How to Start, Build and Grow A Profit-Pulling Coaching Business By Turning Your Knowledge Into Money (Marketing Made Easy)
by Brian T. Edmondson

Audible Books by Brian Tracy


Message Map: How to Pitch Anything in 15 Seconds/Forbes

Marie Forleo & Tony Robbins: What it takes to have an extraordinary life

Brian Tracy

Products and Services:

Chandler Bolt: Self-Publishing School

Ziglar Sales Program

Sales Training Programs by Brian Tracy

Articles & Blog Posts:

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