09 Mar

8 Tools and Tips for Project Completion

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Are you struggling to get a project or task completed? Sometimes it’s an internal reason, like a feeling of overwhelm or burnout. In today’s world, many of us go full throttle all day long and forget to eat or stop to think if we are actually doing something we enjoy or see if we got enough sleep the night before. Factors like these can definitely impact cognitive and physical performance along with perception. They also impact motivation, or lack of, which keeps us from moving forward.

The other common internal struggle is around that inner dialogue we carry on in our heads.  Yes, all those things we are thinking. Some good, some bad, some helpful, some, not so much.

The good news? Research shows that that dialogue going in your head can actually be good for the brain. It helps organize and complete executive functions, such as decision making and the ability to focus. And research shows that not just any self-talk works, it needs to be positive self-talk.

Yep, that’s the talk that makes you feel good and calm. And then you feel more confident and motivated, which leads to action. So simple, right. Well . . .

Regardless of the reasons why the project isn’t getting done, here are some tips and tools that might help you along the way.

  1. Improve the self-talk. Is your self-talk more negative or positive and empowering? What can you say to yourself to motivate yourself?  Click here to learn about the Happiness Advantage.

    “Research among athletes and students has shown that positive self-talk results in improved performance by a number of measures”.


  1. Try a time management tool:
    18 Time Management Tools That Will Skyrocket Your Productivity from HubStaff.com. Or a technique like Time Chunking.
  1. Allow yourself time to think. Take time to plan and organize. To learn more about the Pomodoro Technique, click here.
  1. Collaborate with others.

    “Collaboration is a working practice whereby individuals work together to a common purpose to achieve business benefit”.

    Connect with people that you trust and that can contribute to the brainstorming process itself as ideas feed off of each other. Look for those that can add value to a particular niche and are creative.

    Trending now: #sharedworkspace

    The use of shared workspaces is and up and coming office model for the independent solo-preneur. Shared workspaces offer a creative, safe and unique environment where like-minded individuals can meet. With an organic flow of dialogue, it’s much easier to collaborate and support fellow business owners.

  1. Break the project down into smaller projects. Complete one task at a time. And delegate when possible. Here’s a great task management program called Monday.
  1. Or take a break from the project. Do something to get your mind off of it and revisit when you have a fresh perspective. Did you know that only 1 in 3 people actually take a lunch break? (and it wasn’t me today!)

    5 Reasons You Need to Take a Break
    from Quickbooks.Intuit.com.
  1. Check your flexibility index. Flexibility directly influences productivity. Not only in behavior but flexibility in mindset.

    “Harvard economist Claudia Goldin found that careers in which work is substitutable tend to have more flexibility and gender equity”.

  1. Reward yourself when the task is completed. This guy bought himself a Dodge Viper when he hit his business goals!


Have your own ideas or suggestions? Share them in the comment section below! 


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