18 Jul

Do You Need a Digital Marketing Agency to Help Your Online Coaching Businesses?

I recently had an opportunity to interview Matt Adams, the founder of Online Growth Guru, a digital marketing agency that helps businesses set-up, manage and grow their online presence for profitable results.  

Karen(K): What is a digital marketing group?

Matt(M): This is a group which offers services and expertise to other businesses to help with elements of website development, social media management and SEO, which means making sure your website shows up when potential customers type your services in to Google or other search engines.

These services are often used by businesses to grow their brand through platforms reliant upon the internet. Often by investing in a long-term strategy on the web allows businesses to create an inbound sales process that works on autopilot. But it does take time and hard work to get to that point.

K: Why is it important to invest in this aspect of the business? 

M: Investing in digital marketing and making slow but steady progress towards online growth is super important.

When done correctly, and with the right strategies, your website can become a lead generation machine. That means your business development efforts can be reduced as more leads come via a website.

However, it does take time and if you don’t want to learn it yourself, you will almost definitely need to invest. I spent hours learning during my first business, which got me to where I am today.

K: How much should they invest in a 3rd party company like yours to help them?

M: When using a 3rd party marketing company, charges can vary. They may be offered in the form of hourly rates. They may also be offered in the form of task-based improvements.

It’s difficult to say how much you should spend as it really depends on your goals. The important thing to say is that some business owners, who want immediate success, use Pay Per Click, which means they pay every time someone visits their site. However, this is a short-term fix for a long-term problem.

Therefore, focus should be put on mixing up marketing techniques, that include content writing, email collecting and promotion of the website to 3rd parties. Technical & strategic SEO is also key from the very beginning

To make this decision, define your goals, speak to various experts to see what they think and then work towards a plan that allows you to gain returns asap, while working towards the long-term objectives of the business.

In general, look at it as ongoing monthly cost/investment as opposed to a costly project-based task.

K: How does a new coach or consultant start this process of using a company like yours?

M: To begin using a digital marketing agency, it’s important to be prepared for a long-term journey rather than immediate success.

Many consultants say they can get you to the top of Google quickly, that’s generally because there are lots of sneaky ways to manipulate the algorithm of search engines.

What’s important is that your digital marketer talks about the opportunities in terms of quick wins as well as long term goals.

For example, you might be able to write pages that target long-term searches e.g. ‘How to hire a coach’ and be on the front page quite quickly – a great quick win.

But a long-term goal could be to reach the front page of the search term ‘business coach’ – which is a real competitive keyword. But with the right strategies in place, it’s achievable.

Another important asset of a digital marketer is that they talk in your language. Many technical experts try there hardest to talk in technical language that the average business person doesn’t understand.

However, when digital strategies are explained with a business person in mind, they can make absolute sense.

Many of our clients trust me because I explain things in a way which make sense to them. The technical stuff is then just left to me.

K: How do they know companies like yours are real and can help them?

M: A company like Online Growth Guru can help coaches to understand the importance of digital marketing and the business aspects to SEO.

You should get a feeling that the company you hire is trying to understand your industry, target markets and products or services. That way you know they’re genuine.

They should help you line up the business strategy with the digital strategy so that you don’t invest thousands of pounds before receiving any return on investment usually in the form of traffic or leads – which is often the mistake made by business owners. Thinking they need the perfect $10,000 website before making one sale – it’s the biggest misconception in the industry.

“I say: Build something simple, generate traffic, then improve in small bites every day. And this is what your marketer should be telling you, too.”

~Matt Adams, the founder of Online Growth Guru

If you really want to know whether they are real, take time to listen to what they say and attempt to understand the logic behind what they are doing. And don’t be afraid to ask questions, especially in the early days.

K: Thanks Matt for your time and expertise. In conclusion, if you’re looking for a way to grow your business and build a solid marketing platform, a good digital marketing agency can not only save you valuable time and energy but provide you in a clear direction in the digital world of online business.

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