19 Nov

8 Ways Creating a Vision Board Can Help You

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“So, what is a Vision Board?

It’s you. Your dreams.

Your best Self.

Just waiting to be”.

Christine Kane, Founder, www.VisionBoardPro.com

Creating a Vision Board is a process that helps you tap into your visions, dreams, ideas and goals by physically working in a creative space focused on this process.

It’s more than just talking and thinking.

It’s doing.

Writing or picturing images and putting these thoughts, images and words together helps manifest your highest values, your dreams and deepest desires.

It’s a process. And it helps to designate time and space to it.

Before Creating the board, ask yourself:

  • What is it going to represent, what does it mean to you?
  • What feeling do you want when you look at it?
  • What images will make you feel satisfied with the project?


“What is it you want to be, do and have?”

–      Christine Kane

You can create a general Vision Board generally or focus on a specific topic or area of your life. For example:
Goals, Dreams, career, relationship, lifestyle.

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8 Ways a Vision Boards can help you:

  1. Create Focus
  2. Gain Clarity
  3. Actively set intentions
  4. Tap into your Inspiration
  5. Offer you an opportunity to tap into another part of yourself
  6. Helps you uncover more layers of you
  7. Connect with your inner voice, your source, your Goddess, and your own inspiration
  8. Provide an opportunity to reflect on your life by connecting with your heart and soul

Creating a Vision Board is often a process that becomes a source of inspiration.

The act of creating a board turns into heart and soul work.

3 reasons why Vision Board workshops are so powerful for people:

  1. You get to practice self-care and spend a whole day attending to you!
  2. You have the opportunity to focus on these dreams, goals and this vision. Yes, all those things that you never quite get around to.
  3. And you have undivided attention on yourself, to get to know yourself better.
  4. You get to designate time to get more focused on those things that are waiting to manifest.

Workshop environments allow you valuable time to walk, think, reflect, and envision.

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