Online Gratitude Workshop

Why practice Gratitude?

To develop a more positive mindset

Create a daily pattern to set your thoughts in a positive direction!

How will this workshop benefit you?

You can experience results like:

  • Easier coping with Stress
  • Feeling of Freedom
  • Peace of Mind
  • More creativity
  • In addition, you will receive, as a gift, a gratitude journal to help you on your journey.

    This course is 60 minutes and includes information, meditation, exercises, and discussion. We’ll talk about what gratitude is and what it means to you. Then we’ll do a couple of exercises where we explore examples of how to practice gratitude in everyday living. We’ll then finish with an exercise in which you create your own gratitude rituals and end with a short gratitude meditation.


    $25.00 for 60 minute course


    Don’t wait to start a great habit today. Sign-up for the Gratitude Workshop by emailing me here. When you register, we’ll coordinate a time and date that will work with your schedule.


    Please email me at: for more information.

    Thank you and blessings to you!