Personal and Professional Development Coaching

Coaching can help you clear the obstacles to achieve your goals.

We all need to find some support to help us with something at some point. Even if it’s temporary.

It’s amazing what you can do with a little support from a Life Coach to help you gain your own clarity and insight.

My name is Karen Atkinson, and I’m a Certified Coach.

I have coached a range of people, from moms who are looking to get things organized at home to business professionals, to new coaches starting an online business, to a fledgling non-profit, even writers and authors.

I have personally seen so many people move from a stuck place to manifesting their dreams through their work with me as a coach.

What kind of skills do certified Coaches have?

The skills of a trained Coach include listening on different levels, creating a safe space for the client, and offering support. Coaches offer various skills and techniques during the coaching process: it might be a worksheet exercise or a book recommendation, a new routine, or exercises to change a thought pattern.

A good coach helps guide you.

Two of the unique aspects that coaching offers is commitment and accountability. Those 2 qualities have been proven through research as indicators of success.  It has been proved to help people stay on track, take action and achieve their goals or objectives.

Are you a good candidate for Coaching?

The ideal candidate to be coached is:

  1. Ready for change.
  2. Able to commit to the Coaching sessions.
  3. Ready to take action.
  4. Open to suggestions and feedback.

Is that you?

When You Finish a Series of Coaching Sessions with me you will:

  1. Have an improved sense of accomplishment.
  1. A feeling of understanding and clarity about yourself and what you want.
  1. Confidence in achieving your goals.
  1. A feeling of being supported and celebrated!
  1. An action plan for yourself.


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