Online Course in Positive Thinking

Why take a course in Positive Thinking?

To not only build awareness but also develop a more positive mindset.

Create a daily pattern to set your thoughts in a positive direction!

How will this workshop benefit you?

Learn vital skills like:

  • How to increase empathy, trust and understanding
  • How to develop a feeling of freedom
  • How to build the experience of happiness
  • How to expand your mind
  • Also Learn the 3:1 ratio of thinking positively.

    And what top researcher in Positive Psychology are learning.

    This course is 60 minutes and includes information, exercises and discussion. We’ll talk about what positive thinking is and how it can apply to you, your mind and body. We’ll also do a few exercises where we explore examples of how to practice positive thinking in everyday situations. We’ll finish with an exercise in which you create your own positive thinking actions to practice in your every day life.


    $25.00 for 60 minute course


    Become a part of the growing community of mindfulness practitioners. Sign-up for Positive Thinking Course by emailing me here. When you register, we’ll coordinate a time and date that will work with your schedule.


    Please email me at: for more information.