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21 Mar

Need Help Creating a Website? Try Blooming Pixel Creatives!

blooming pixel creatives
This post is the continuing of my series about entrepreneurs. Not only are some of these people local business owners but they have the truest entrepreneurial spirits I’ve seen. Whether they work for themselves or for someone else, each offers at least one strong habit, thought or suggestion to help develop a successful business. Their passion is seen in their work and how they operate in the world.

I’ve had the great fortune to meet this next entrepreneur and what an entrepreneur she is! Not only does she live her work, but her work is integrated into her value system and her way of living seamlessly, not something I see every day. Perhaps it is her passion and creative flare, or her dedication, focus and commitment. In either case, Payge Kerman of Blooming Pixel Creatives is someone you should meet!

When I see an owner actively involved in their business, I take interest because that means they are invested – beyond just passion and money. Passion is great and money (of course is helpful) but we can all agree those factors alone won’t lead a business to success. They might help carry someone through a launch or the long nights that come while the business is growing, but one key trait of successful businesses is the owner’s ability to have a vision. This business is successful because Payge has a vision for her business. And she seeks to create it every day. From who her team is, to what they do, to each client goals and objectives, to how the business runs daily, this owner is not only hands-on but regularly strategizing to keep the flow and growth happening.

Her commitment is undeniable. And it pays off.

With a wide variety of packages available, they can help you design a website, create a logo, add to what you have or grow your business. They offer marketing strategy, website and graphics design and web development, a nice array for those looking to outsource these sometimes difficult and ongoing tasks.

The goals of this agency

“We create powerful branding, forward-thinking websites, and efficient tech solutions”
Don’t be fooled, this is not just another company that will put up a website for you and help you with SEO rankings. This is about “brand transformation”, as Payge calls it. “We care about all aspects of your business and of your marketing, and want to make sure we’re creating the best possible products and strategy to fit YOUR company”.

One of the most important aspects is branding, and that’s about identity – from the product to the owner.

“We are a creative agency committed to helping your business thrive. From start-ups to multi-million-dollar companies, we help our clients showcase their unique specialties and work with them to build cohesive, long-lasting brands”.

“Our creations are our own, and you won’t see them anywhere else. We pride ourselves on creating work unique to you”.

Payge Kerman Founder,
Blooming Pixel Creatives



Who doesn’t need that? Two problems new business owners eventually come up against:  deciding what to outsource and how to really find someone good. One thing I educate clients on is the importance of outsourcing. It can not only save time and money but can also actually help build your business. Referrals are still the best way to find someone. That is one reason why it is reportedly 3x easier to sell additional products and services to a customer who has already purchased from you because they know and trust you.

90% of Blooming Pixel’s clients are repeat.

There’s the personal referral you need!

Three key areas of her focus: her people, products, and target niche.

Her people:

Payge attributes part of her success to the people that work with her. She has a small, strong dedicated team that are as invested in their work as she is in her business. She looked at who they were, what type of experience they had in their industry, if their values aligned with her company’s values and what they could offer clients, for the best possible client experience. One goal of Blooming Pixel Creatives is to be better, faster and stronger than the competition. And that’s only possible through the people she has hired.

People as clients:

They say in marketing that customers have to know, like and trust you before they’ll buy something from you. This business model is about building trust, offering quality service and creating a successful project in a way that aligns with the customer’s goals and values.

During our interview Payge said to me “I see my clients as an extension of my family”. How often do you hear that? Exactly, not very often. Relationship is a key value and one service point she offers customers. This is the best type of personalized service you can get. She is personally invested in the success of your business.

Beyond designing a unique site that reflects you and your brand, they also offer a variety of specialized products like branding, email marketing and blogging services, to provide you with continued service and support to enhance value for your brand.

They offer one-of-a-kind website development, graphics and copywriting, in their portfolio of products and services. This part of their business model she reports is based on testing. “We test, test, test things out to understand what works and what doesn’t”. They want your website to be unique and stand out, but they also want a business that works for the you.

Is this model successful? You bet!

Focus on Target Niche

Their ideal client: women 33-55, are ok to let professionals handle this aspect of their business, know the do-it-yourself ways of building a website and ecommerce site is not the way to go, understand their own uniqueness and specialness and will ask “why pick you?”

They need to have a vision and are willing to go for it. They have passion, purpose and are driven towards success.

Something to think about if you are thinking about creating a website or looking to bring your online business experience up to the next level.

To book a free discovery call click here.

Payge H. Kerman, CEO
Blooming Pixel Creatives
(303) 906-1664
7025 N. Lombard St. #104, Portland OR 97203
Office hours: 9am-4:30pm M-F

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08 Dec

Entrepreneurship for Life Coaches, Part 5

picture of table with hand on a computer and notebook in the foreground

This post is part 5 of a series I am offering to coaches that are new to entrepreneurship and are setting up an online business for the first time.

Next Step: Creating a business plan

It’s good to have what you are doing on paper, especially for a business. A business plan is basically a formal outline of all the aspects of your business. It covers the who, what, why, when and how. It’s a good written exercise that will not only help you structure your business but also provide an outline for banks or investors should you choose to seek a bank loan or funding.

“In its simplest form, a business plan is a guide—a roadmap for your business that outlines goals and details how you plan to achieve those goals”.

-Tim Berry, BPlans.com

For big businesses, a larger more comprehensive report is often required. But for small businesses, it’s considered more of an “action plan” outline.

It’s good to remember that not all aspects of a traditional business plan may be applicable to your business venture. If banks or investors need additional information, they’ll be sure to ask for it.

What do you put into a Business Plan?

“What’s included in a business plan, and how do you put one together? Simply stated, a business plan conveys your business goals, the strategies you’ll use to meet them, potential problems that may confront your business and ways to solve them, the organizational structure of your business (including titles and responsibilities), and finally, the amount of capital required to finance your venture and keep it going until it breaks even”.

-An Introduction to Business Plans, Entrepreneur.com


A Few Key Parts to a Business Plan

An overview of the business idea you have in mind.

Cash flow:
“Complementing the balance sheet and income statement, the cash flow statement (CFS) – a mandatory part of a company’s financial reports since 1987 – records the amount of cash and cash equivalents entering and leaving a company”.

Find out more in this article about Cash Flow Statements by Reem Haekel on Investopedia.com.

Market Forecast:
“The main goal of market measurement and forecasting is to serve as an aid in the decisions that marketing management has to make”.

More info about The Importance of Market Measurement and Forecasting, on Article1000.com.

Sales Forecast:
This is basically about how much you plan to sell – how many products? How many sales? What portion of the market will your garner?

More info on how to estimate expected sales of a product prior to having launched it on Quora.com.

10 Things to Consider When Creating Your Business Plan

  1. How would you summarize your business?
  2. Who will you be offering your product/services to?
  3. What is your customer’s need?
  4. What solution you are offering for that need?
  5. What kind of market research did you do?
  6. How will you get access to your future clients?
  7. How will your business be initially funded? Is that sustainable? For how long?
  8. What are you marketing and sales strategies?
  9. How will you grow your business?
  10. Do you have an exit strategy for the future?

Tips When Creating a Business Plan

 Don’t get stuck – be flexible and open to changes as needed.

Keep reading, growing and adapting as your business develops.

Decide which tasks you can do yourself and what you can outsource.

Consider other ways to bring in revenue, like: freelance writing, blogging professionally, writing a book, creating webinars, starting a podcast, or offering workshops and trainings, or maybe moonlighting in another industry until your business generates income. 

Practice positive self-talk daily!

 Your affirmation checklist:

 I can create a workable business plan with ease!

 There is an abundance of money and resources in the Universe.

I’m taking one more step towards building my business.

RECOMMENDATION: If you find, after reading this, that you are stuck or just frustrated with your idea, or don’t’ know how to get started, you might want to think about hiring a Life Coach. I know, it’s yet another thing that costs money, but I’ll share something with you – surprisingly I have found it to be the one thing that has been invaluable in building the foundation and success of my business. My personal coaching is what has made my business successful. As a coach I have worked with many coaches to either them turn their idea into a viable business or help them launch their business. I can offer you a working relationship where you gain insight, accountability and a can develop your own strategies to build your business. Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself, even for a short time. You are your business!



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29 Nov

Entrepreneurship for Life Coaches, Part 4

woman and man sitting at outdoor cafe in a coaching session

This post is part four of a series I am offering to coaches that are new to entrepreneurship and are setting up an online business for the first time.

Next Step: Keep coaching clients!  

7 reasons why continuing to coach clients is so important while building your online business.

1. It’s a Good Way to Keep Your Skills Fresh:
Coaching keeps your skills fresh so you can stay on top of your game. It can be easy to lose sight of this when building a business, so work to find clients and keep coaching while you build your business. Also, for coaching skills to work, they have to be practiced -regularly. The ICF Core Competencies are action oriented standards, not just great ideas. The fact of the matter is that many of us need the ongoing practice. You gain expertise with time, training, lots of practice and determination.

2. It’s Good for Branding:
It’s necessary for building your brand and your coaching identity. Imagine if you had to say to a potential client “Yes I an effective coach and I have a great website but I haven’t coached in 6 months” vs. “I have a successful business and coach clients regularly”. Ask yourself:  what is the impression I want to leave with prospective clients? One of value, success and curiosity or one of ambivalence and doubt?

3. It’s Important for Building Experience:
Keep client coaching as the #1 goal on your list. It helps you gain valuable hands-on experience to build a better coaching practice and better business. As you learn what works and want doesn’t you can improve your coaching and your practice. Maybe doing speaking engagements at 9am and then coaching clients from 9pm-midnight isn’t a good schedule for you. Or maybe it is. You’ll only find out by trying things out.

4. It Keeps You in Action:
Coaching keeps you in action – yes that thing we as coaches tell clients they should do! Are you just an advice giver or do you practice what you preach?

5. Coaching is Inspiring:
The process of coaching can be inspiring and motivating for coaches as well as clients. There are lots of benefits for coaches when they coach clients, like gaining insight, building confidence and idea generation for business expansion. It also feels good to actually help another human being. Being in action keeps you fluid in your business model. Not to mention increases the possibility of referrals from clients that have had an amazing coaching experience with you! And that is a great networking tool you can develop as you coach more clients.

6. It Helps With Work/Life Balance:
This is which is vitally important for new entrepreneurs. You’re starting an online business. That’s a huge endeavor, so pacing is important. This is not an overnight thing. It can be easy to fall into the routine of spending hours every day sitting at your computer to develop your business while moving away from coaching clients. Keep your eye on the end game: Coaching.  When that busy start-up schedule gets interrupted to coach clients, it’s a good reality check and reminder that the priority is really coaching; you are there to be of service to others. And it’s a gentle reminder that you have a life outside of starting a business. Keep a good eating habits, a consistent exercise schedule and regular sleep schedule to your energy and focus is at its optimum.  Keep your hobbies and interests, and get out socially. Networking is a great way to take breaks from the business development aspect and also connect with others. This can be especially true for those of us that are more on the introverted side and like to be alone. Balance will only bring success to your business. I know it can often feel like there is so much to do and not enough time, but I can tell you that the time will be there for you when you return to it.

7. It’s Good for Coaches to be the Coachee:
It’s vitally important as coaches that we not only have industry knowledge and skills training to coach others but also the experience of the coaching process for ourselves. It’s good for us to have experiential knowledge of what it feels like to be a client, how good it feels to achieve our own goals, experience what it’s like to be vulnerable with a total stranger, how important it is to have ongoing support, and how beneficial the coaching process can be for both client and coach. The experience of being coaches, especially on an ongoing basis will be become imbedded in your experience and identity. Having your own coach or mentor will lead you and your clients towards success!



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