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08 Apr

How to Use Positive Affirmations in 6 Easy Steps


It’s so easy to create an affirmation.

But honestly, how often do we actually do this?

I think about it . . .  and forget as life gets in the way.

We move fast in today’s world. Our brains, our thinking, our activities, our agendas. It seems like things are always moving.

But did you know that many experts both in the fields of Psychology and Spirituality recommend slowing things down? At least long enough to relax a bit and gain some clarity and vision about what you want to achieve.

The most successful entrepreneurs have certain habits that help them daily and one of them is to think – alone, and often.

Thinking is the part we take for granted, along with visualizing.

Successful entrepreneurs allot time to think and they do it often.

They also visualize their goals and dreams.

inspirational quote with butterfly

They do vision boards, goal boards, story boards; they set goals and set markers to track performance and achievement. They mark their wins and then turn around and do it again.

And it all starts with thinking and visualizing.

So where do you begin?

Well how about with some positive affirmation?

Positive affirmations are combing the art of thinking with visualizing.

Here’s a quick exercise you can do right now:

  1. Select a word that you like.
  2. Just think about it.
  3. Now picture the word, say it and feel all the warm fuzzy stuff that comes along with it.
  4. Let the images flow for 3 minutes.
  5. Don’t forget to breath and relax!
  6. See what resonates with you, what images peak your interest. Don’t judge, just be with it.

Here are some words to get you started:


Start this as a habit once or twice a day and take note of how you feel afterwards.

Your deepest desires and dreams are already in your head, just waiting to be discovered by you.

The solutions you seek are there. You just have to access them.

Maybe the time to do that is now. Simple affirmations and daily visualization exercises are a clear path to starting that.


22 Apr

Entrepreneurship for Coaches: 6 tips to move you towards a successful coaching business

Tips for Your Coaching Business

For those of us who have never had our own business, let alone an online business, the learning curve can be steep. There is a lot that goes into starting a business and for many of us in the coaching business; it starts as an online business. Here are a few tips to help you along the way: 

1.Set the intention and visualize what you want.

Research shows that the time a person takes to develop the idea and put into print is a bigger determining factor of success than the blog post itself. The clearer the image, the better chance you have of it manifesting it, just like writing a good blog post. Do you want to have your own business? When you close your eyes, what do you picture? Picture all the details, and then write them down. Write down ALL the details, don’t hold back. (I use meditation to move me energetically into a visualizing space. It relaxes me and allows for a natural creative flow).

This is the foundation of the business you are building, so this is a good exercise to do regularly. I find my goals and dreams shift and change regularly based on a variety of factors. As human beings, we are in a constant state of change, as is the world around us.

Creativity and flexibility are your partners here!

2. Connect with your passion!

Keep your eye on the prize. Make sure you know what that is. People often focus on the nuts and bolts, the tangible things around them. But it’s important to look a little deeper. When you stop and think about what you really want, is that the path you are heading down?

Focus directly on what you want. What about this work ignites your passion? It’s important to keep a pulse on this, especially if the hours get long or you have to do other work to supplement your income.

3. Take time to think. No really. And do it often.

One way to connect with your passion and grow your business is to take time for yourself in this way. It sounds funny, but successful entrepreneurs commit time every day to thinking. This includes generating ideas, answering questions, strategizing and getting organized.

Franklin Covey had huge success with their planner series. An important step they suggest is to take time each day get organized. They recommend doing this first thing in the morning to start your day off right. And it doesn’t end there. They also recommend reflecting and setting goals, writing your dreams out and supporting your visions. Educating yourself, learning and improving skill sets, along with giving your mind time to think are all necessary skills for personal growth and professional development.

4. Write down your goals: including a business plans, financial goals, and types of clients, specialty/niche you want to work in.

They say writing the important ideas down, your thoughts and dreams help to move them from the conscious mind into the unconscious mind. This creates the energy for it to manifest. (Hey, it can’t hurt right?) It’s another way to dedicate energy towards your dream business.

Suggestion: Write feely, give yourself permission to write in an unedited format. Save the judgment and editing for another project. The important part are the details. Get it out there! The universe wants to know what you want!

5. Develop a support network

Find a few people that believe in what you do and support you in a positive way. If you can’t find anyone in your immediate network, expand your search or go to a Tony Robbins seminar!

(I say that tongue-in-cheek, but honestly, everyone that I’ve talked to rave about his workshops !)

What the experts say is to surround yourself with successful people. And he is definitely one of them!

 Try joining a group on Facebook/Twitter or LinkedIn.

Look for networking opportunities like BNI events. Action steps, whether they succeed or fail are one more step towards creating your dream.

Find networking opportunities within your niche or join industry related groups.

Tell people about what you do! They say you have to ask for the sale. This begins with a conversation. You have the power to start that!

6. Develop multiple sources of income 

I know the dream is often to just start coaching and move into a full-time practice. That may be possible for some, but it’s not for everyone. The online industry recommends giving yourself multiple sources of income until your business becomes profitable.

(When people quote how many month or years starting a business will take that can create a limiting mind set or a lowering of expectations. Often times when a number is stated, that automatically becomes the bar. It can feel deflating if you are nowhere near that mark. Good news: The time line for getting your business up and running is what you create! You are on a path that is yours and only yours).

You know what? As soon as you think of the idea and start moving towards it, you’ve already started your business!

It is already there, waiting to grow.

Profit will look different for various industries and specialties. Give yourself cushion with your income sources so you don’t have to give up your dream. Profit can mean financial success to some but to others living their dream is more profitable for their soul.

Some coaches work as trainers or consultants and use coaching to supplement their other business. Some write blogs or books, some go to work for businesses that offer coaching services; some work one job part-time while they are building their coaching practice.

Do what works for you but don’t give up your dream!

There are lots of ways to build your business.

Remember, creativity and flexibility are your allies! 







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