18 Jan

The Habits of Change, Part 3: Picture Your Goal

There is nothing permanent except change.


BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND: Visualizing is a fantastic way to find the goal you have in mind and achieve it. Getting a job might be a simpler way to think about it but in actuality we know that each of us has a different idea about what “getting a job” means. Getting clear about what the job is, where the position is located, what type of industry it’s in, how much you’d like to get paid, what type of people you’ll be working with, and figuring out what you really want to be doing is helpful in achieving the task of “finding a job”. These are things, for example, that are easy to visualize. Visualizing helps get to the real end goal. Experts say when visualizing, be specific. The clearer the idea, the clearer the image, the goal and the outcome, the better chance you have at manifesting it. Change happens all the time, but how you influence and direct it is up to you. What is it that you really want?

To me, this part of the process is the most creative part and the most frequently bypassed. Sometimes we just want the end result but we don’t see what is needed to get there. Sometimes getting clear on what you really want it scary, so it’s easy to bypass. Then disappointment sets in as a new goal comes into the picture but it’s still not quite what you were looking for. This is a critical piece and a critical time.

Give yourself time in this part of the process. Take time to explore, fantasize and think up all the things you want, even if you know some of them won’t happen. Authentic freedom of expression helps with visualizing and creating ideas, goals or projects. It also helps with identifying your true values, desires and abilities. Give yourself permission to explore your mind and get to know your ideas. Get to know yourself and your values. Is what you are picturing, the end product what you truly want? Without placing judgment around it, why or why not is it? If you let go of expectation, judgment and fear, what does your goal look like? Really look like? Is that goal really ok with you? Allowing creativity in this process is important for visualizing and important in getting clear on what you hope to achieve. Visualize it. Think about it, write about it ,and manifest it.

Questions: Can you picture your goal? Is your goal in line with your values?

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