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New Grief Group for Suicide Loss starting:

Mon Oct 23rd, 9am (pst) 

This group will run weekly for 1 hour for 4 weeks. 

Cost is


Hello, my name is Karen Atkinson and I'm a certified Grief Coach. I became a grief coach after we lost my ex-husband to suicide in 2014.


His suicide changed my life. 


Through a lot of pain and struggle, I was able to work through the many stages of grieving I kept seeming to go through and am now in a position of helping others who are on a similar journey. 

What we know about this kind of loss is that it is not an overnight thing and can take a while. It can also be really difficult to deal with and hard to talk to others about. From all the questions to anxiety, blame, guilt or anger, losing someone like this can really put your mind in a tailspin. 


Tragic loss like this is called complicated grief because there are many layers to it and it takes time and lots of moments of healing to find some type of peace in your life. 

For many of us, it is like learning a new skill set. 


What research shows is that finding support in a nonjudgemental space is crucial for healing. Coaching can offer you that much needed layer of support. These are Peer-to-Peer led groups, meaning you connect with other who have been through something similar, who can relate and support your healing journey. This is a confidential space without judgement, criticism or fixing.


All you have to do is show up. 

Research shows this type of group support aids people in the healing process, from clarity of mind, to better sleep, to finding new meaning in your life, this unique opportunity can also offer you a better understanding of yourself. 

We offer peer support groups for spouses, children, families and friends that have lost someone to suicide. 

With my 11 points of tragic loss outline, we share stories, talk about the difficulties and complexity of this type of loss. We do exercises on mindfulness, foregiveness and rememberance and get in touch with what you need for your healing. And I offer you a free copy of my book when you join.  

Give yourself this opportunity to grieve in a healthy way, with the love and support of others. Help yourself in the best way possible, by building a support team around you, of like minded individuals. 

You do not have to grieve alone or "get over it". Learn how to attend to yourself and find healing in the best way possible, with love, sharing and support.  

For more information please email: or call: 650-703-6740



Grieving Suicide:

One Woman's Journey through the Shadow of Loss

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"From our very first meeting, Karen projected a calm, accepting demeanor which made me very comfortable and easy to open up"


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