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What is Coaching?

A Life Coach is someone who is trained to help with change and personal growth. Grief coaching is designed to have the coach move through the stages of grief with you, as you develop coping skills and a better understanding of yourself.  

3 Common Obstacles

people who seek coaches face

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Self talk (inner talk is unrelenting and/or voice of judgement

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Inability to cope with emotions or a situation

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Poor stress and anxiety management

Coaching offers

  • Someone you can talk with in a safe confidential space.

  • A trained professional who doesn’t impose their values, objectives, or judgements onto you, but rather creates a space for you to explore and go a little deeper, beyond a casual conversation.  

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As an industry, coaches are held to high standards, including ethics, confidentiality, and performance.


Coaching is often used for individuals in a 1:1 format, traditionally for 1-hour sessions. It is also commonly used a group format with 4+ individuals in a weekly structured format.


Common types of coaching include Grief Coaching, Health and Wellness Coaching, and Performance Coaching.

Grief Coaching

They say everyone deals with grief and loss differently. I believe grief is a natural part of our growth and transformation. It can feel like riding a wave that peaks and then passes. Or it can come on suddenly, overwhelming you, bringing anxiety and confusion. Talking with a trained professional can really help you through this process.

Sometimes we have blind spots and things like mindfulness and self-care are not at the forefront of our thoughts. Self-care is an aspect of this journey that is so important. It includes getting the right support for yourself when you need it most.


As a coach, I have been privileged to work with people experiencing life changes, including loss that brings grief, anxiety, and stress. Coaching offers a companion for you on this sacred journey of transformation.


People are often searching for peace and balance in their lives. This includes learning how to manage anxiety that comes up, along with the stages of grief we each experience. They say everyone deals with grief and loss differently. I believe grief is a natural part of our growth and transformation. When we learn how to be with our grief, incorporate it into our daily living and make it part of our spiritual practice, there is an ease of living that follows. This is where coaching can be beneficial.


This type of work is guided by your process, your wishes, and your goals. In this confidential space, you’ll have the opportunity to explore your grief, and gain insight, clarity and focus. The discoveries and choices that follow are yours. They are a natural organic part of your journey, just like the grief and loss are. People often have the experience of feeling supported and feeling more at peace with the loss of their loved one. They find balance, and a sense of relief and hope again. As they gain a better understanding of what loss means to them, they are better able to move forward with hope and an open heart.  

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