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Grief Coaching Services

This is about getting the right kind of support for you. This is a space to be with others where you can be heard and understood.

Help yourself find meaning, purpose and intention.

Let your healing begin. 


The ritual of grieving is a natural part of our growth and transformation. Tragic loss can feel like riding waves that rise and fall, over and over. Or it can manifest as a disruption that comes on suddenly, overwhelming you, bringing anxiety, shock, and confusion. It can crash on the shore unexpectedly leaving you wondering how you will get through it and what your purpose is. Complex grief can bring layers of sadness and compassion. It brings a new way of being in the world. Going through the stages of grief after a tragic loss is really a warriors journey.  


You have been ushered here, like many of us, whether you want to be or not. Our family suffered the tragic suicide of my ex-husband very unexpectedly, so I know how difficult the journey can be. None of us needed that, and yet here we were. What I want you to know is that you don’t have to do all of it alone. Because you’re grieving doesn’t mean you automatically have a mental health issue or need counseling. It doesn’t mean you need to hide in shame or stop crying after the mourning period is over. As the Buddhists say, there are many paths up the mountain. Grief coaching is one opportunity to work on yourself and focus on you and your grief through coaching sessions and support. I will work with you to move your energy in a direction that is helpful and healing. 


Sometimes we have blind spots, things we should look at but can’t see. Or a different perspective is waiting to be found. Sometimes we are afraid to say what we really feel, which can be especially true with suicide. It often includes learning how to manage the emotions that come with loss such as anxiety, loneliness, confusion, or the stages of grief we each experience. I can help by offering exercises and techniques to assist you for those moments.


Complex grief creates a dynamic that brings lots of layers with it. For example, a widow shared with me that she felt she could not smile because she was afraid people would think she had moved on from the loss. A parent mentioned they were angry at their loved one but felt guilty that they felt that way towards someone that had just committed suicide. Similar to mindfulness and self-care, these discoveries are often not at the forefront of our thoughts, as they should be. Insight, awareness, mindfulness, and compassion are healing aspects of this journey that are vitally important in this process we call deep grief. It includes getting the right support for yourself when you need it the most. Like now.  Grief coaching is a safe place to explore those complicated feelings and perspectives, without shame, doubt, or judgment. I will teach you how to become more mindful, how to allow compassion become part of the healing process. And how to trust your intuition when it comes to your own healing.  


We are naturally wired to heal ourselves from grief and loss. Our mind, body and spirit are ready to go, they just to be pointed in the right direction. People often search for peace and balance in their lives. They want to find meaning and joy again after the loss. They look for resolution or reconciliation. 



This is about getting the right kind of support to help you understand yourself better. My coaching services offer a place to be with your grief and incorporate it into your daily living. When this happens, there is an ease of living that follows. You can find meaning again, purpose and intention. This is when healing comes in. Forgiveness often appears. And peace of mind is just around the corner. 


This type of work is guided by your process, your wishes, and your goals. In this confidential space, you’ll have the opportunity to explore your grief, while gaining insight and clarity. The discoveries and choices that follow are yours. They are a natural organic part of your journey, just like the grief and loss are. People often have the experience of feeling supported and more at peace with the loss of their loved one. They find balance, and a sense of relief and hope again. As they gain a better understanding of what loss means to them, they are better able to move forward with hope and an open heart. 


As a coach, I have been privileged to work with people experiencing life changes. It is truly an honor to be a part of this sacred journey of transformation.

What I offer: 

1. Suicide Loss Survivors Group: for those that have lost a loved one to suicide. They are $25.00 per session. Groups meet 1x weekly for an hour online for 6 weeks. Each week we work 9 experiences of tragic loss: 

If you have lost a loved one to suicide, you are not alone. This peer support group will provide you with a community of others in the same situation who can help you through this difficult time. As a group, we’ll work through the 11 Experiences of Tragic Loss, including: Confusion, Questions, Ongoing Sadness, Loss of Meaning, Lack of Understanding, Difficulty Coping, Shame and Guilt, Anger, Re-Living of Events. 

2. Navigating Loss: for those suffering the loss of a loved one.

This group is designed for grief to navigate the loss experience. If you are struggling with the loss of a loved one and are dealing with ongoing heartbreak, sadness, and tears, this group is a space for you to share your experience with others going through the same thing. 


Using Understanding Your Grief: Ten Essential Touchstones For Finding Hope and Healing Your Heart program by Alan D. Wolfet, Ph.D, this is a 6 week grief coaching program offered to better understand your grief, honor your journey, open yourself up to the presence of loss and how it impacts your life. Using Dr. Wolfelt's 10 Touchstones, you will learn how to embrace your grief, build self compassion, explore feelings and understand your mourning process to find hope, acceptance and meaning in your life. 


Session are $25.00 per session. Groups meet 1x weekly for an hour online for 6 weeks. 


Get the support and healing you deserve. 


I look forward to walking with you on this journey.

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